Victorian Jazz Club Review

(Names have been changed to protect the guilty)

From Jazzline, November 2017, by George Krupinski

“Review of Halls Gap Festival – October 27th-29th

Cruisin’ On Swing (a moonlighting band for me – Nina) … introduced us to (Nina), impressive on reeds … Little did I realise that there was more to (Nina) which was to become apparent first up the next morning…  here she was accompanied by (The Cad) on guitar, and we were intrigued.

To me, 11am has seen the best part of the day gone by – however, these two arrived attired in pyjamas.  Instruments and a thermos bottle filled their arms – they had ‘slept in’ and perhaps, in order to complete the scene, I should also mention the Ugg boots and woollen slippers.

(Nina) started by saying that they were more ‘night people’ than… but that explanation petered out as she opened the thermos to discover she had forgotten the tea bags.  According to her, this was ‘not a bad thing’ as warm water alone is probably better for a singer’s throat, of course.  Now, some reading this would sense chaos but not so, this woman had the presence, the personality to carry this off.  It’s been referred to as chutzpah, and she ‘had it in spades’; she made it entertaining and we, the audience, were up for the ride.

Setting the scene, Nina explained the difference between blues and jazz – blues are about what goes wrong with love, and jazz is about what goes right with love – this duo did both, although she wasn’t sure whether this demonstrated flexibility or lack of committment…. these pyjama-clad musicians / entertainers held their audience for the set – wonderful. “