Dragon Tales….

Sun Loong, the World’s Longest Dragon, Bendigo Chinese Museum

Nina and The Cad had a play at the Good Friday and Easter Sunday Markets, where we met some lovely folk, scored a couple of gigs, and were given free crepes by Rockin’ Ross, who was adjacent to us for a couple of days and kindly said he enjoyed our soundtrack whilst he was working.

Rotary volunteers run the Markets, and we appreciated the organisational skills and kindness of Co-ordinator Evelyn, and President George.  It is a happy alliance!

There is a strong Chinese presence in the festivities which dates from the 19th Century, when Chinese folk began participating and donating proceeds to the Bendigo hospital.

There’s nowhere better than Bendigo at Easter, especially for kids, but Nina, being partial to a good Dragon, very happy indeed.  Moreover, whilst Dragons have traditionally been carried by males only, Bendigo now has a night Dragon which may be carried by women, and Nina rather fancies herself for that role.  We’ll see next year!



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