AJC at Ballarat

Ballarat played host to the Australian Jazz Convention again between Boxing Day and New Year, last year (2017).  Nina and the Cad got to play in the swanky Royal Craig Hotel Prince’s Room – twice.  Nina, showing dubious taste, told the audience about the Prince for whom the room was named.  He was a bounder and a cad, of a magnitude which makes The Cad look like a gifted amateur!  Look him up – Prince Albert, later Edward the VII.

Nina also got to play with the revered Paul Furniss, and The Cad hopped in on double bass with the Merri Creek Jazz Band – who want him back.

Nina also became aware of a little thing called the Magnetic Island (Queensland) Jazz Fest in October, when a lovely old lady invited Nina and the Cad up to perform, and to stay gratis at her apartment.  Nice work, if you can get it… 🙂

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