Dingee Does Good

In one sense, it may not have made much difference whether we played or not at the Dingee Pub on Saturday night – although our PA and lights were indispensible to proceedings as the auctions commenced and the daylight faded!  The community raised funds in the way country communities do – by cajoling, teasing, and knowing their own people and their foibles.  The main fundraiser was an auction of donated items, conducted by a gregarious and well-known local auctioneer.  He was shameless (“Who’ll bid me $50 for this $20 meat voucher from Eaglehawk meats? C’mon, it’s a bargain!!) and would auction anything that came to hand (“Someone has just handed me Jack’s hat – who’ll bid me $10 for Jack’s hat?  It’s at $10; Jack, you’ll have to bid $15 to get your hat back”.)   A highlight was the shaving of the heads of three brave individuals, which raised close to a thousand dollars. The bags of hair were duly auctioned off and gleefully bid for by pals of the newly-shorn, who stumbled around, dazed, like sheep released by a shearer (complete with small, bleeding cuts).  About five thousand dollars was raised in total, a great achievement by the small Dingee community.

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