Rockin’ Reindeer.. or is that Rain-deer?

The pic is of “today’s office” as they say, but before anything happened… I take very few photographs of life, preferring to see it through my eyes rather than through a lens.  However, I WISH that I had taken some this morning…

We played at the Bendigo Marketplace Santa’s Breakfast, with a 7am start, to the great man himself, a crowd of smalls and their devoted parents, and a crew of mascots.

The mascots in particular, proved to be a smash hit with the smalls… there was the obvious of course – Rudolf (the Red-Nosed) Reindeer, and four others, too.  But also present were Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Caramello Koala, two Disney Princesses, two stripey cats, and a couple of foxes.   All 7 feet tall…  Kind of hard for a real-life Santa to compete with these fantasmagoric creatures, lovely and bearded though he was …

We had much interaction with the mascots, who proved to have a great sense of fun.  The reindeer did a John Travolta co-ordinated impression (at my insistence), and the Disney Princesses sang along loudly.  Kermit covered his ears at one point.  Well, I think they were his ears… kind of hard to tell.

A hugely fun morning.  Fortunately Nina and the Cad both had time for an afternoon nap (hope the parents did too!)

Thanks Marketplace for having us.