Where the bloody hell is Dingee?

… as it says on the side of the ute at the Dingee pub.  (Thirty minutes north of Bendigo; – thank you for asking.)

It was so hot, so very hot.  So hot that the Corolla (usually bullet-proof in terms of reliability) BOILED!  I had to beg water from a closed-mouthed (he doesn’t like eating flies) farmer who probably checked his house to see that the sweaty, Corolla-driving blow-ins hadn’t knicked anything.  (We hadn’t, by the way – just three litres of water.)

So, why Dingee?  We were checking out the site for our next gig.  This is a charity one.  We need a lot of Karma repair and so do a few of these.  The beneficiary is a local girl who has leukaemia.   She is in the Royal Children’s but with a bit of luck will be there for the fundraiser to benefit both her family and the hospital.

The details – (thanks for asking, again.)  Date is Saturday 9 December.  Venue is the Dingee pub.  1pm the fun starts, with all the activities mentioned on the poster above.  Then at 7pm, the kiddies go to sleep: (aha ha ha – see Noni Hazelhurst video on this topic.)

.. and we come on (7ish) to play country rock.  Whatever that is.  Constant expansion of repertoire is not a matter we need consciously address, it seems. 🙂



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