Happy Halls Gap

Halls’ Gap Jazz and Blues Fest 2017 was a happy hunting ground for both Nina and The Cad. They had three outings, two of which at 11am in the morning on both the Saturday and the Sunday. This was slightly early for the Cad, who jokingly proposed a brunch show dressed in pyjamas. Unfortunately for him, Nina has a tendency to take stupid ideas seriously. The comfortable pyjamas, together with the BYO thermos (of tea), got the duo through the first set nicely. Seemingly, no-one took photos. That they know of.

Jazz and Blues – their two favourite things!!! (apart from Rock, Pop and world music and indeed anything except opera and death metal). Nice to have a fest where no choices had to be made between them.

Nina was moonlighting in a couple of other bands, but the Cad stuck around to help. Still NATC found time for a dirt-road run (major hazard – roadkilled animals which ponged a lot), and climbs up local landmarks like the Grand Canyon (which could be more accurately named the Medium-Sized-But-Nevertheless-Very- Attractive Canyon.)

A warning – don’t go into Langi Gihran winery. Just don’t. You can’t get out without being quite a lot poorer.

We hope to return to confuse the audience next year.


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